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AIKW Membership

Only natural persons working as roll pass designers, engineers, technicians or masters in rolling mills or adjacent fields, regardless of their nationality or affiliation to parties or other associations, may become members of the AIKW. For detailed information please refer to our statutes, which are available for download.


AIKW Statutes

The statutes are available for download here:

 AIKW Statutes


Application to become a member of the AIKW

The application to become a registered member of the AIKW needs to be submitted in writing using the application form provided. Please download the application form here:

 Application form for membership


Please return the completed and signed form to:

Geschäftsstelle der AIKW
Herr Dr.-Ing. Lars Detlef Hentschel
Von-Neuenstein-Weg 9
D-77876 Kappelrodeck / Deutschland
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.